Jo Voigt

Visual Artists and Sculptor

Born in 1970 at Beechworth, Victoria, Jo is the only daughter in a fifth-generation farming family, and she was expected to leave the farm and go to university. Fortunately, her parents never stipulated what course of study, so for three years Jo completely indulged her passion for making stuff.

Graduating with honours from the Canberra Institute of Technology, with high distinctions in sculpture and drawing, Jo has continued to this day making stuff, that, if she wasn’t an artist, would surely look upon as a compulsive disorder.

“The only real thing I gained from university was a peer group. It was refreshing to find out there were others like me, who just liked making things, all day every day.”

Jo currently holds the position of Secretary of Beechworth Arts Council.


Instagram: @jovoigt4319

Lympatico, Jo Voigt,
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The Kick, Jo Voigt (2020),
Mixed media on canvas,
Private Collection
The Snatch, Jo Voigt, Mixed media on canvas, Private Collection

Jo Voigt’s stall at Beechworth Arts Council Arts Hub, Quercus Hall, 2022

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