Judy Hawking Burnett

Visual Artist and Jewellery Maker

“My love for the visual arts and in particular painting evolved in Beechworth as a child, drawing inspiration from the surrounding environment. This passion developed further through my travels within Australia and overseas.

You will usually find a link to the landscape in my paintings; I take colours, shapes, and forms from the environment and transfer them into paint.

Over the years, I have worked with many mediums including oils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels, pencils, clay, wood, and photography. More recently, I have been exploring the use of acrylic paints. My paintings are thick, textural, and very tactile. I use palette knives and syringes to achieve this effect. I sometimes contrast this with dripping, flowing paint. My work varies from abstract to abstract expressionism or sometimes is an “impression” of the subject matter. My main painting influences are Fred Williams and Jackson Pollock.

More recently, I have been studying metal smithing and jewellery making techniques and I have developed a real passion in this area. I am particularly interested in the use of colour and texture, using different surface treatment techniques to create individual pieces of jewellery.
Elements of my painting style are often present in my finished items of jewellery.”

Judy currently holds the position of Treasurer of Beechworth Arts Council


email: contact@judyhawkingburnett.com.au,

phone: (03) 5728 2552

A Slice of the Gorge, Judy Hawking Burnett (2022),
Acrylic on canvas,
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Kakadu Wetlands, Judy Hawking Burnett
Acrylic on canvas, 100 X 80cm
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Earring pendants, Judy Hawking Burnett,
Enamel on copper with Sterling Silver wires, entirely handcrafted
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Chain necklace, Judy Hawking Burnett,
Sterling Silver, entirely handcrafted,
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