Beechworth Arts Council meets on the first Thursday of each month – except January and July – at a Beechworth hotel. The venue is advised when the meeting notice is issued.

If you’re interested in being involved or taking a committee role please email or call Daren John Pope 0474 351 240.

Executive 2016-17

President: Jamie Kronborg
Vice President: Daren John Pope
Secretary: to be appointed
Treasurer: to be appointed

Committee members

Michael Bink, Chris Dormer, Olga Evans, Inga Hanover, Judy Hawking Burnett, Helen Murray and Lesley Milne.

WRAP planning group

Jamie Kronborg, Daren John Pope, Michael Bink, Jude Doughty, Olga Evans, Inga Hanover, Helen McIntyre, Lesley Milne, Helen Murray and Annie Nichols.