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Spring Arts  ¦  Beechworth  ¦  November 4 – 26, 2017

BEECHWORTH Arts Council’s 2017 Spring Arts is a November-long celebration of the visual arts in Beechworth and beyond. The program ranges from group show in the Beechworth Town Hall to solo exhibitions by Therese Shanley at the extraordinary Old Beechworth Goal, Nina Machielse Hunt in Beechworth’s beautiful Old Stone Hall and Anita Laurence at Milawa’s Off Centre Gallery.

There’s also a print exhibition from Chris Dormer, Janet Sutherland and Tania Sutton in Indigo Libraries’ Beechworth branch, a kids’ art show under the rotunda in Beechworth’s Town Hall Gardens and a series of skills-share art workshops.

Celebrate the visual arts with us November 4-26.

Open studio  ¦  Beechworth  ¦  November 4 – 5, 2017

MEET the artist and explore the studios of Beechworth’s Chris Dormer and Kay Hampton,Wooragee’s Christine Stewart and Tawonga’s Bärbel Ullrich across the weekend.

Chris’s practice includes printmaking, etching, and collagraphs. Kay creates landscape and still life colour works in acrylic. Catherine creates paintings and works on paper. Bärbel’s practice includes printmaking, drawing and mixed media.


Art chat  ¦  Old Stone Hall, Beechworth  ¦  November 11, 2:00pm

JOIN us for our first Art Chat. Panellists include Melbourne curator, art consultant for former Art Gallery of South Australia director Christopher Menz (right), Wangaratta Art Gallery director, Simone Nolan, Wodonga Art Space co-ordinator, Josephine Harkin and Indigo artist Nina Machielse Hunt. Hosted by Beechworth Arts Council vice-president Daren John Pope, this event promises to be a lively, informative chat.


Workshop: abstraction  ¦  Old Stone Hall, Beechworth  ¦  November 19

AWARD-winning artist Frank Burgers hosts a short, practical workshop aimed at de-mystifying ‘abstraction’ by creative action.

It offers critical information on structure, colour and composition to create interesting images and strategies for developing ideas around abstraction.

The workshop includes:

  • Brief discussion on abstraction, drawing and divergent thinking strategies (10 minutes).
  • 10 timed, short studies on paper (20 minutes).
  • Upon reflection of completed drawings, start a painting or series of paintings.
  • Frank will circulate and provide constructive feedback on progress (2 hours).
  • ‘Show and tell’ in the last half an hour and in response to group feedback, spend the remainder of workshop time to finish up.

The objective is to achieve:

  • A finished painting, or
  • A painting well on the way to completion at home, or
  • An idea or series of ideas to continue painting with, or
  • A fresh approach to continue the painting process, or
  • Well, we had a good time! (Scrape it off and start again later), or
  • A better understanding of abstraction.

Artists to research: Richard Diebenkorn, Braque and Picasso (Cubism 1910), Kadinski, Malevich, Piere Soulages, Philip Guston’s abstract period, Lee Krasner, Jackson Pollock’s development from the 40’s to the ‘abstract expressionist’ period in the 50’s. Australians Kevin Lincoln, Brent Harris, Lesley Dumbrell, Phillip Hunter, Bea Maddock, Elizabeth Cummings.

Materials required:

Drawing stuff, such as charcoal, soft pencils and a sketchbook or loose sheet drawing paper. Painting stuff, including a medium sized canvass (relative to your own painting experience). Don’t forget a palette, rags, and if you work in oils, a gum turps alternative such as low odour turps or medium (for OH&S reasons with many people working in a confined space). Most art suppliers will be able to help you. Art Stretchers (AS) sells it.

  • Strictly limited places. Bookings essential.


Arts Council vice president Daren John Pope with Indigo mayor Jenny O’Connor.


BEECHWORTH Arts Council in 2016 staged the first of its annual Spring Arts Show series in the historic Old Stone Hall from November 11 to 27.

Woolshed Valley abstract landscape painter Nina Machielse Hunt also lead a painting workshop en plein air as an out-take of the exhibition.

Arts Council vice president and exhibition co-curator Daren John Pope said the local arts advocacy organisation had launched the yearly exhibition series to celebrate the skills and build community awareness of some of the district’s finest visual artists.

WOOLSHED Valley artist Nina Machielse Hunt with one of her works at a Chiltern exhibition in 2015.

“This inaugural group exhibition offers a broad range of painting, print, sculpture and photographic styles, from the purely abstract through to figurative naive,” Daren John said.

The hanging featured works from Bärbel Ullrich, Rose Wedler, Catherine Stewart, Therese Shanley, Nina Machielse Hunt, Judy Hawking Burnett, Inga Hanover, Kay Hampton, Tina Fraser and Chris Dormer.

“In keeping with the seasonal theme, the inaugural Springs Arts Show focuses on rural landscapes, native birdlife and enigmatic still life,” Daren John said.

“Also featured are reflections on township and the pivotal role of the family in rural living.”

THE Spring Arts Show 2016 poster featured a work by Beechworth painter Kay Hampton and was designed by Old Stone Hall’s Erin Hartwig Davis.

Old Stone Hall