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Spring Arts  ¦  Beechworth  ¦  October 26 – November 25, 2018

BADGING: Beechworth Arts Council’s ‘elements of indigo’ project is encouraging a new take on the traditional kilt.

BEECHWORTH Arts Council has devised an ambitious art-to-artwear transformation project as one of the keys to its third ‘Spring Arts’ program, which is to run from October 26 to November 25 this year.

Arts Council president Jamie Kronborg said the project had been inspired by traditions of cultural ‘badging’, where particular forms and styles of clothing throughout history have evolved to identify a people’s tribe, clan, community, place, culture and even country.

“Following an approach from the Beechworth Celtic Festival, which is being staged between November 9 and 11, we’ve come up with and developed the concept in such a way that participating artists will be inspired to tease apart the idea and tradition of tartan and re-work it in a highly contemporary way to identify the communities of Indigo.”

WEAVING: ‘Elements of indigo’ in a Beechworth paddock. Image: Jamie Kronborg

The shortlisted visual designs will be exhibited and the artwear entries modelled in Beechworth’s historic 1859-built town hall during the Celtic Festival. A complementary design competition called ‘Get yer kilt on!’ will take place in Indigo schools in the lead-up to the exhibition.

“The Arts Council believes collaboration offers wonderful opportunities for creative and cultural expression, and working with the Celtic Festival is one example of this approach in this year’s ‘Spring Arts’ program,” Mr Kronborg said.

“We’re likewise delighted to be working with the Robert O’Hara Burke Museum and Beechworth’s Anglican Christ Church community to stage ‘Spring Arts’ events.

INTERSECTION: Springs Arts will explore Indigo’s colonial art heritage, including works by Nicholas Chevalier, who in November 1860 in Melbourne Punch depicted ‘The Great Australian Exploration Race’ led by Ovens District former police inspector Robert O’Hara Burke. Image: State Library of Victoria

With the Burke, these include an exhibition of archive images depicting costume as part of our ‘elements of indigo’ project, and the museum as a springboard for a series of guided walks that tell the story of Indigo’s art heritage and the ways in which the lives of ‘great Victorians’, such as artists Eugene von Guérard and Nicholas Chevalier, administrators like Burke, and surveyor Georg von Neumayer, among others, intersected in Beechworth.

“With Christ Church – in a ‘Spring Arts’ first – we’re collaborating to bring four young Opera Scholars Australia graduates to Beechworth to sing ‘La Primavera’, a program of Baroque arias, in this fine, historic building.”

BLUE SHADES: Chris Dormer’s Amphora 3 is showing in PrintWorks at Indigo Library Beechworth during Spring Arts

Mr Kronborg said the placement of ‘Springs Arts’ events in significant heritage places extended to ‘Fresh takes’ – the innovative use of Beechworth’s streetscape for a large-scale participatory art event.

Other major features of this year’s ‘Spring Arts’ include a curated, open-entry exhibition of artworks exploring ‘Indigo landscape’, a revival of Beechworth’s spring flower show – last held in the late 1930s, and self-drive tours of National Trust-classified landscapes in the Indigo hills.

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‘Elements of indigo’
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‘Indigo landscape’ group exhibition
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Arts Council vice president Daren John Pope with Indigo mayor Jenny O’Connor.


BEECHWORTH Arts Council in 2016 staged the first of its annual Spring Arts Show series in the historic Old Stone Hall from November 11 to 27.

Woolshed Valley abstract landscape painter Nina Machielse Hunt also lead a painting workshop en plein air as an out-take of the exhibition.

Arts Council vice president and exhibition co-curator Daren John Pope said the local arts advocacy organisation had launched the yearly exhibition series to celebrate the skills and build community awareness of some of the district’s finest visual artists.

WOOLSHED Valley artist Nina Machielse Hunt with one of her works at a Chiltern exhibition in 2015.

“This inaugural group exhibition offers a broad range of painting, print, sculpture and photographic styles, from the purely abstract through to figurative naive,” Daren John said.

The hanging featured works from Bärbel Ullrich, Rose Wedler, Catherine Stewart, Therese Shanley, Nina Machielse Hunt, Judy Hawking Burnett, Inga Hanover, Kay Hampton, Tina Fraser and Chris Dormer.

“In keeping with the seasonal theme, the inaugural Springs Arts Show focuses on rural landscapes, native birdlife and enigmatic still life,” Daren John said.

“Also featured are reflections on township and the pivotal role of the family in rural living.”

Spring Arts  ¦  Beechworth  ¦  November 4 – 26, 2017

BEECHWORTH Arts Council’s 2017 Spring Arts was a November-long celebration of the visual arts in Beechworth and beyond. The program ranged from a group show in the Beechworth Town Hall to solo exhibitions by Therese Shanley at the extraordinary Old Beechworth Goal, Nina Machielse Hunt in Beechworth’s beautiful Old Stone Hall and Anita Laurence at Milawa’s Off Centre Gallery.

There was also a print exhibition from Chris Dormer, Janet Sutherland and Tania Sutton in Indigo Libraries’ Beechworth branch, a kids’ art show under the rotunda in Beechworth’s Town Hall Gardens and a series of skills-share art workshops.